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March 23, 2012

why my boys are more awesome than your's

yesterday, it was very nice out. it has been unseasonably nice for a few weeks now. not that i'm really complaining. ok, so i will complain a bit, i do not like summer. the only good thing that comes in summer is my birthday, and that's months away. this weather is not fun. if it was just cool enough to wear jeans and a tee shirt all the time, i would be a happy happy girl. but it's not, it's basically shorts weather. which sucks because i'm a girl and either i have to shave or look like a deranged wookie. and because i love my hubby, i shave. or just wear pants and complain about the heat.

but this post isn't about how i'm jealous of boys and how it's totally acceptable for them to look like mountain men, this post is about my boys.

so yesterday, being so lovely out, i made them put on shorts (because they're boys and have no hang-ups about such things) and go outside and play before dinner while it was still nice. i also went out with fishie, because she likes to play outside. more accurately, true to being her mother's daughter, she likes to roll around in the dirt and damp grass until she makes mud.

while i was chasing fish, i happened upon my boys sitting next to each other on the swing in the yard. and it was idyllic , because i was behind them, and could only see the tops of their heads and their feet kicking back and forth.

and then one of them said "we'll be bros forever."

and then other answered "we'll be bros for life!"

and i honestly believe, with whatever might happen as they grow, they will be bros. friends can come and go, but family is forever.

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