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March 14, 2012

after this, i should get to go back to bed

today i'd like to rant a bit about my morning, about how much is sucked, and about how it could have all been avoided if people listened to me. or if my crazy side listened to my more rational side. but i'd still prefer to blame others, because seriously, who wouldn't?

anyway, way back in december, when lumpy had his regular yearly check-up, he kind of failed the hearing screening they gave him. i didn't think it was a big deal, but according to the doctors, he needed to see a specialist to make sure everything was all good.

really, i think when he took the tests he was just distracted. like fish and bumble were in the room with us at his regular doctor when they did the screening, and that's a lot going on in a little room. and i'm sure there was some similar distraction when they screened him at school. so i told his doctor i wasn't worried, but they still wanted me to take him for a proper test. so they sent out a referral, and the audiologist set something up for the middle of april.

well, yesterday i get a call saying that they have to change his appointment in april because something came up, but they have an opening at 8am today, could i bring him in then? and i said sure before i thought too much about it. and then i hung up the phone and kicked myself, because i realized what i just agreed to.

see, the specialist he was going to see was the same people i had taken fishie to on monday, because she has legitimate ear issues. the thing is, they're in the children's hospital that's about 45 minutes from where we live now. so to get there by 8am, we had to leave by 715am, which is crazy. just so you understand, my alarm goes off at 710am when i only have to get the boys on the bus. this morning i had to get up at 630am, which proves i'm obviously insane because i willingly agree to ridiculously early doctor's appointments that i don't think are necessary.

i am not a morning person. have i mentioned that yet? because it's seriously oh so true. in fact, the only morning person in my family is my dear bumble, and he's the only one that didn't have to get up crazy early to get to the doctor's. fun fact is that while i was getting up lumpy, bumble woke up anyway like it was nothing. poor dear lumpy, i had to help him get dressed and practically carry him to the car. thank goodness he doesn't weigh much.

so i loaded him and fishie up, and got to drive through stupid morning traffic. that's the other reason i must have gone insane when i agreed to this appointment, because for us to get to where the hospital is we had to drive around a major city center, and of course, at 730am, all the normal business types are trying to get to work. so i had to leave extra early to make sure we got there on time. and we did, thankfully.

and, as i knew would happen, we arrived at the office, checked in, and they took us right back. because of course they're not busy at 8am. and i talked to the doctor about my concerns, or lack there of. and she administered the test, which had lumpy sit in a soundproof room and listen for tones while fish and i waited in the hallway. and what do you know, but with no distractions he passed with flying colors.

so we were seriously in the office for about 15 minutes. and after that it was back in the car and rushing to get lumpy to school on time. which i managed to do, thank you very much.

so yeah, crazy busy morning. especially since getting through all of that is more than i do most days. so i feel like i deserve a medal or award or nap or something. though i suppose i can just reward myself with a cookie.

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