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February 27, 2012

my random hot dog rant

lately i've been seeing lots of recipes on various blogs and sites and such that i go to all talking about eating healthier. it's always this way on the interwebs the first few months after the new year. everybody is talking about how they want to eat healthy and lose weight and do better for their kids and live forever. or something.

i don't know, i just don't really get it i guess. not that i'm not one for eating healthy. or having my kids eat healthy. or watching what junk i put in my and my family's mouths. it's just i'm not really one for trends. and they way it comes around every year always makes me think that this eating healthy thing is a trend for most. like it's just something to do while everybody's talking about it or thinking about it, and it's not really something to stick to.

so yeah, i usually ignore most of this craziness. unless there's fun recipes about random ways to sneak veggies to unsuspecting family members. not that my kids have a problem with veggies, it's more for my hubby. my favorite trick is to cook vegan and not tell him, and 9 times out of 10 he never even notices.

lately, though, i've been seeing lots of people making not healthy recipes much healthier. not that i have a great problem with that, but it's usually recipes directed at kids. my kids don't have much of a problem eating healthy, the problem is more quantity than quality. but i guess that's not the case for most people's kids. so healthy kids' recipes, good for them.

but it's stuff that i don't see any point in making healthy. like hot dogs. hot dogs are inherently unhealthy, mostly because they're hot dogs! unless you are making your own from scratch, like stuffing your own casing, there's going to be crazy random stuff in them. of course, you could always be buying the ridiculously expensive kind, but then if a pack of hot dogs costs more than a steak, why wouldn't you buy the steak?

maybe, if all your kids eat are hot dogs, instead of taking the time to make hot dogs healthier, you take the time to find something else to feed your kids. there's so much out there, just look!

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