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February 13, 2012

mr. literal

last week there were a few warm days. ok, really, this winter has just been crazy, there have been many more days in the 40s than there has been snow. which makes me sad, because i really like snow. and so do my kids. and my hubby. and if i had to spend all those years we lived up town getting used to driving around town when there was three feet of snow on the grounds and on the roads, then i certainly wouldn't mind seeing a bit more snow. because driving through flurries really isn't that big of a deal. even if it means a run on eggs and milk and bread to most people.

seriously though, if there's going to be a snow storm, does everybody get the idea that making french toast is the thing to do? people are weird. not me, though, i'm totally normal.

my kids, though, are not so normal. all of them are special, all in different ways. like my dear lumpy. allow me to elaborate.

last week, when it was warm out (as i think i've mentioned), i sent the boys out to play after they got home from school. i had a lot going on that day, and just wanted some quiet in the house. so they both were forced to go out and play until i called them in.

then bumble came in, saying he was cold and tired and hungry and thirsty and didn't want to be outside anymore. which is very typical. so i told him as long as he'd keep an eye on fish while i made dinner, he could stay inside.

and so i made dinner. and then it was time to eat. i called everybody to the table, and my mom asked where lumpy was.

i honestly thought that he was in watching cartoons with his brother and sister. but he wasn't. and he wasn't up in his room with his toys. or in the basement. or inside at all. and it was dark out.

so my mom opened the back door and called for him. and he didn't answer. so she went to the front and called. and nothing.

my hubby was at school, by the way. and he just happened to called. and i happened to say that we lost lumpy and i couldn't talk. and then i hung up on him. so at least he was in a panic like the rest of us.

anyway, my mom went outside one way and i went outside in another direction. and i didn't get more than three feet from the door when he comes around the side of the house like nothing was wrong.

so of course i asked him, as calmly as i could, why he didn't come in when it got dark. and he told me, like it was totally normal, that i had told him to go out and play until i called him back in. and, silly me, i had never told him he was allowed to come back in.

if this was any other kid, i'm sure i'd think he was being a smarty pants. but for my lumpy, it's just how he is.

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