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February 21, 2012

so how was your weekend?

seriously, how was your weekend? because my weekend was awesome and awful all wrapped up into one crazy busy package. let's set the stage and start with thursday evening.

well, let's back it up a little bit and explain how my dear mother was not feeling well thursday afternoon. so not well, in fact, that i had to go get her from work because she didn't feel well enough to drive home. so i went and got her and brought her back to the house. and then i started feeling not so well. i made it through getting the kids from the bus stop, and then i got sick. really sick. i'll spare the details, but needless to say, i went to bed for the rest of the evening. thank goodness my sister was able to step in and help my other mommy take the kids and do all that needed done thursday evening.

so next comes friday. and i'm still not feeling too well. but i got up and packed, because we were supposed to go and visit the inlaws uptown for take two of fishie's birthday. but first we went to visit a fish hatchery with my hubby's scout den. pushing a stroller around for an hour is exactly what i want to do when i don't feel so well, but with where the hatchery was located, it made no sense to let the boys go and then have them come back for me. plus i got to learned more about fish then i really ever wanted to.

after seeing the fish, and before getting on the turnpike to head up, we stopped for dinner. now, my dear bumble was not feeling well, he said so himself. and i was worried, because though he complains often about how not well he feels, with the fact that both i and my mother were sick, there was a great possibility that he wasn't faking it this time. and he wasn't. short story is that i'm not sure we'll be welcome back at that particular bonanza, but he had told us his tummy really felt funny.

so, we left the restaurant, and instead of going uptown, we went home. dear bumble got a nice warm bath and went to bed and slept almost 14 hours. which brings us to saturday. bumble felt better, and we had just left the car all packed, so after breakfast (and he was able to keep his toast down), we loaded up and left. this got us into town in enough time that i was still able to run around and pick up the supplies for fishie's party.

the party was a great success, and i think everybody had a good time, especially with the exploding balloons, and even though i got into a fist fight with a drawer and the fridge in my sister-in-law's kitchen. i ended up with a bruised knee and bloody knuckles, but i broke the freezer door, so i'd call it a draw.

saturday night was spent just hanging out, and sunday was too. in fact, the highlight of my sunday was taking a nap. that and homemade pizza. it was nice for my kiddies, though, because they got lots of one on one time with their bubba and pap. also, we got to watch the bubble guppies special, which was the highlight for fishie.

monday was spent packing up and waiting and stressing. it was filled with the usual amount of grumpiness and tears, but there were donuts to soothe most. i actually felt well enough by then to drive home, which was nice. it's odd, but i actually enjoy distant driving. especially when everybody else in the car takes a nap, it's peaceful and quiet and i find it relaxing. maybe i was a truck driver in a past life or something.

so yeah, that was my weekend of craziness and fun. and this week is shaping up to be just as busy. running errands today. fish goes to the doctor tomorrow. thursday and friday are dedicated to getting everything done around the house (that i'm putting off until then). saturday should be filled with fun surprises. but don't worry, i'll tell you all about.

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