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February 3, 2012

uptown living

so we're going uptown this weekend to visit the inlaws. which is nice, because my hubby is very close with his mom and dad. if it hadn't been for his job, we never would have moved away.

but it got me thinking. his family and many of our friends still live there. it's where he grew up. it's where we moved when we first moved in together. both the boys were born up there, had so many firsts up there.

needless to say, that area is very comfortable for us. things just seems easier there.

i know, if we still lived there, if i needed a babysitter for 2pm on a tuesday and only found out at 10am, there are multiple people i could ask. and if my dear hubby needed to blow off steam, there are a few couches he's more than welcome to crash on after an all night madden-athon. and it just seems like there's less pressure to one-up with the people that live there, because nobody has anything so it's kind of pointless to compare that stuff.

and yet hubby and i have talked about it at length. as much as we love to visit, we both agree that we'd never move back. there is a safe support system there, and things are easy because we already know what to expect.

but it's also a very depressed area. there are no jobs or opportunities. the school systems aren't what we want for the boys. and there are less extracurricular activities for them. the boys have both become very active in scouts, and scouting programs are almost nonexistent uptown. and for lumpy to see the specialists he needs, we'd have to drive all the way to pittsburgh. it just isn't the place we want to raise our kids.

and yet.... and yet...

and yet i miss being there. and visiting. and there are times when we go up that i wish we had more time to stay and visit with everyone, because there's never enough time in the day to see all the people and do all the things.

on the flip side though, there are times when we go that i am more than happy to be able to leave and come back home. wherever home might be.

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