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February 22, 2012

achievement unlocked: super shopper

like i mentioned in my last post, yesterday was going to be all about errands. actually, as you may or may not have noticed on twitter, it was really all about my to-do list, and me complaining about it. there were a few things that didn't get done, but most things got crossed off.

one thing that got the big done check was shopping. now, normally i don't mind shopping. and shopping with just fishie usually isn't too bad. i still remember the days when i had to have lumpy sit in the cart and try and watch bumble to make sure he didn't wander too far. shopping with a one and two year old is no fun. and i had to do that many times over all by myself. so shopping with just one little one isn't so bad.

though i decided to make it tougher on myself then it technically had to be by trying to be clever about sales. if i'm not really watching the paper for circulars, or if i'm buying stuff that's cheaper in the generic form than with coupons, i usually just head to walmart. yes, i know, it's a store designed by the devil, huge conglomeration, blah blah blah.

seriously, i like shopping there. if nothing else, it's the closest grocery store to my house. and, if i need diapers and toiletries and food stuffs, it's the cheapest place to get everything in one stop. usually.

yesterday morning, for whatever reason possessed me, i decided to look at a few grocery store circulars. maybe it was because every once in a while i clip coupons and i knew a i had a few in my stash that were going to expire, but i decided to see if there was anything at any of the regulars store on sale. and low and behold, at my favorite real store, a bunch of the sales matched up with a bunch of the coupons i actually had. and there were bonus gas points to boot!

so i knew i was going to head over there. but first i still needed to head to walmart. because my hubby needed a new jacket for work. and i needed black thread. and shampoo. and none of those things regular grocery stores sell. and it's a good thing i ended up going, because dear bumble needs new clothes and they happened to have shirts on clearance for three bucks a piece.

anyway, once i finally got done shopping there, and then got home and put everything away, and then got lunch, and fish got a nap, it was about 3pm until i was ready to head out to the grocery store. i had a dilemma on my hands there, because i wasn't sure i would be able to get the store and get back in time to get the boys from the bus stop.

but i had a few things working in my favor. not only did i need to shop, but i needed to stop at the bank. and because my home branch happens to be in one of the grocery stores around here, i decided to go to that location. which happens to be the store i used to go to all the time. mostly because it happened to be in walking distance of where i used to live. so i know that store very well. and i knew exactly how busy it would be.

so i went for it. i went to the grocery store, with a toddler and a list and a load of coupons. and on the way there i ended up behind a school bus letting older kids off, so when i finally got there, i had about 30 minutes to shop.

but i did it! with time to spare. yeah, i know, i am just that amazing. and i'm happy to say we are fully stocked up on pop-tube biscuits and cans of refried beans, so you should be totally jealous!

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