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February 2, 2012

there's no place like home

there were other things i wanted to talk about today, but all i have on my mind right now is a house. for those that might not remember, way back in september there was crazy flooding all around here, and the house that we were living in was damaged. so my whole family moved in with my moms.

and though i am grateful for having a place to call home, this is still a temporary home for us. and honestly, i was hoping that it would be more temporary than it has been. i know i've talked about having a place of my own, with all my stuff, where the kids can be free to run around and destroy things because they would be destroying their own things. here we must be much more careful.

anyway, a few days ago, my hubby and i went to look at houses. again. we've looked at hundreds online, and many fewer in person. but on monday, we looked at one we both agreed on. and one that was in our very limited price range. and one that needs minimal repairs. if you call needing a roof minimal. which, compared with most of the other houses in our price range, i certainly do.

so now we just have to wait. the realtor we're working with and the mortgage guy that is helping us have to let us know if we'll be able to actually get this house. then of course we have to make an offer and hope that it's accepted. so i know there will be a lot of waiting in store for us.

it's hard, with everything going on, not to get discouraged. things will work out for us, we just have to be patient. and when it is time, it is time. we have to have hope and faith. and if this doesn't work out something better will come along. i already know all the positive mantras i should be repeating to myself.

still, it's hard. to want something so bad and have to wait. to wonder where you went wrong, and if this is some sort of karmic punishment. i know this is a temporary situation that we are in, but still there are days that i just want to curl up and cry.

things could be worse, and there are those that are in worse shape than us. and i should focus on all the good in our life, and try not to worry so much about the bad and about all the things i don't have control over.

if anybody really knows how to do that, please let me know.

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