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February 6, 2012

personal party philosophy

yesterday was the super bowl. and because the steelers didn't make it to "the big game," i didn't have to pretend i actually cared about who won. not that i don't get all excited rooting for a certain team. and it is nice to feel like part of a group with everybody yelling and cheering together. but i have better things to worry about.

like food.

anybody that's been reading this blog for awhile should remember my love of parties. especially planning parties. and most especially the food part of a party. and a party that deals with little bits and appetizers instead of huge, sit-down courses? oh man, i'm all over it.

so, being that i didn't have a vested interest in the game yesterday, i planned the menu instead. and it was a great party. even if it was just all of my moms, my hubby, and my kids. also of course, being that there were only five adults (including me) and three kids, there was tons of food left over. though fish did her best to get rid of it by feeding the dogs off her plate.

i have a personal philosophy that any great party where one eats lots of little things, there must be variations of crunchy things that get dipped into creamy things. if there was a party law, that would be it.

now, it could be something as simple as veggies and dip. chips and dip work also. nachos and queso dip counts too. and then there is the old summer party standby of fruit chunks and some sweet sauce, stranger variations i've had include marshmallow fluff mixed with yogurt.

for our mega awesome super bowl party, i decided to keep things simple. simple as in i made a bunch of stuff that could be prepped early and set out. so nothing overly complicated, just everything delicious.

i decided i wanted to make a spinach dip, because i had a very awesome one on new year's eve. mine was not nearly as good because i didn't bake it in a bread bowl, but it satisfied my cravings. i also made a pepper jelly and cream cheese dip, which is way better than it sounds. that and the spinach dip were perfect served with carrots and crackers. bumble helped by making a chili cheese dip, and mommom brought buffalo chicken dip, and both went well with tortilla chips. my mom smoked cheese. and my boys had picked out ring bologna.

all of that was served pregame. during half time i made pizza. and cupcakes.

so yeah, any excuse to have a party is a good excuse in my book. i'm already planning future events. like next comes my dear fishie's second birthday. i can promise that the food will be good, but the cake (for the party with my parents) will be epic. six layers and filled with caramel? oh yes.